Sacred Vessels

Artist Statement

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Sacred Vessel collection created from 2009 till present. Most pieces are thrown on the wheel, then hand built and altered into the architectural forms. The vessels have been finished in a soda or wood kiln to emulate the timeless materials used by man for building. Below is an excerpt from my artist statement. Please visit my About page for the entire artist statement.

“Sacred can be defined as something devoted exclusively to one service or use as through a person or purpose. Vessels are usually a container for something or a quality that a person is infused with, like grace. Sacred Vessels could be defined as a container devoted exclusively to one purpose or use. Throughout history, these vessels presented have had this title in all relational levels in the lives of men. Whether for use, display, or discourse, their useful purpose was to contain a truth, beauty, and a character. These attributes are given to the vessels by the maker and passed on to the viewer/owner.”

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