Soda Workshops

Soda Fire Workshop at Tin Barn Pottery, April and June 2016



All Levels Welcome

Cost $135

6 to 9 pots – no wide bowls or plates

Cone 10 Clay ONLY!!!- Already bisque fired

Cone 10 Underglazes, Flashing Slips, and Glazes are available for you to use


This exciting workshop will demonstrate the technique and magic of the Soda Firing process. Technique will include flashing slip and glaze application to wax resist and under glaze color enhancement. Further insight will be given on wad clay coloring and side-firing possibilities. We will discuss the effects of soda ash on the clay, glaze, and kiln bricks. We will be firing a soft brick, downdraft gas kiln to cone 10 with soda ash. Through demonstration, class discussion, handouts, soda firing, and individual instruction, we will spark your desires of the soda firing process.


What to bring:

Bisque fired Cone 10 Pots

No plates or platters! Bowls (<10” diameter), cups, vases, and other containment forms. Posts for the shelf heights are 9”, 6”, and 4”. Please keep these measurements in mind as you make your work. We will load as much work as possible… if we all stick to these heights, more pots will fit inside the kiln. If you have some taller pots, please bring and see if they might fit or if we can side-fire them.

Please contact Bradley Birkhimer, 571.606.8468, for more info.

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