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Since 2006, I have been creating one of a kind, wood, soda, and gas fired ceramics for exhibition and the home. My studio is now located in Manassas, VA.? I also specialize in full service kiln repair and ceramic equipment for schools, local potters, senior centers, and art centers in the VA, DC, MD, WV, and DE. I currently teach at Northern Virginia Community College. I have also taught at Hood College and Workshouse Art Center locally as well as Penland School of Crafts and Touchstone Center for Crafts.

Currently I have been showing my wood and soda fired work in exhibitions and galleries.? You can purchase my work locally at Manassas Clay and The Cooley Gallery.? My work is fired to 2370 degrees Fahrenheit and most glazes are sprayed with baking soda to enhance colors and surface textures.? This emulates the wood fired surfaces and allows for more consistent results.? All of the pottery is made with my personal white stoneware blend, custom ash and mottled glazes.DSC03611

Pagodas and temples have been my main inspiration and study while I lived in China.? These experiences have given me a framework for my work through a fusional abstractions of pagodas, western utilitarian ceramics, and Christian temple motifs.

To find out a little about my experiences, current teaching positions, and truth behind my work, please explore my website!


Video of journey and studies in China


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